document management software for an auditing firm

2010-02 – 2013-01 Design and development of document management software for financial audits. The old paper based workflow of the company consisting of hundereds of Word checklists was replaced by migrating some key checklists to versions implemented in WPF and attaching workflow elements onto the other Word ducuments. All the documents are now handled by … Continue Reading

web based geo information system

2008-09 – 2010-04 Part of a team which designed and implemented a geo information system with private map server and maps, a Plone web server to maintain the data, maps and special places, data sharing between the Java map server GeoServer and Plone used a relational PostgreSQL database with PostGIS GIS extensions. Rendering was done … Continue Reading

tcp/ip connections web administration tool

2009-03-2010-01 A web administration tool and some server code written in python and javascript/dojo to configure a complex client server setting with ftp access and email delivery behind a firewall through a configurable gateway.

historical city map of Munich

2007-06 – 2009-06 Design and implementation of a web application to show a historical city map of Munich with marked, categorized and annotated places, also enabling the display of long background texts and to produce a historical timeline along the places. Technologies used: Plone and its database to hold the map and places data, with … Continue Reading

lab automation

2004-09 – 2005-03 Development of a python software application integrating a robotic component, a cell counting machine, some simple image processing and consolidating the data by statistical means.

SVG parser, pretty printer, generator

2004-03 – 2004-08 To display datasets in documents and on webpages utilising existing templates in the XML-based scalable vector graphics (SVG) language, a parser, pretty-printer and a generator have been written and deployed.

book order system

2003-05 – 2007-05 Designing and implementing a web based public and intern book order system for the governmental political education agency Bayerische Landeszentrale für politische Bildungarbeit using .NET, IIS, MS SQL server. Installing, maintaining and updating the code during its lifetime in the setting of a government agency.

working with

2003-05 – 2010-12 Working for, for the first year as an employee, later self employed as a member of a group of affiliated web developers. I did the coding for some of the sites referenced on

website script writing

2002-06 – 2004-08 coding of python “backends” and javacript “frontends” usually with a few hundred loc each for some academic and governmental website like Institut für Zeitgeschichte or Bayerische Landeszentrale für politische Bildungsarbeit, to enable interactive functionality and improve code and data reuse and maintainability.

server administration

2002-06 – now initially and predominantly to host our own Plone projects.  Setting up of apache 2, Plone, supervisord, nagios, ossec, etc. on a debian platform. When needed, I also configured servers and clients in heterogenous Windows/Linux environments for some customers using the samba SMB server/domain controller, apache web server cyrus IMAP server